Power in Partnerships

Wellbody Alliance was born out of a first partnership -- that between between Dan and Bailor -- and as we've grown, we've stayed true to our beginnings. Though our organization started small, each year we're spreading our vision and model of healthcare as a human right through our partnership-based strategy:

Wellbody partners with the government healthcare system to upgrade and support remote health outposts as well as the district hospital. Ultimately, the public healthcare system is the only one designed to reach the poorest Sierra Leoneans, so we strengthen public health infrastructure and boost public facilities to extend our reach farther than our clinic can alone.

Wellbody partners with the communities in which it works to train and hire community health workers who form a referral and social support network to ensure that every patient in need of medical care accesses the healthcare system. Community healthworkers -- ordinary community-members trained as frontline providers and scouts -- comprise the largest portion of our Sierra Leone staff.

Wellbody partners with American institutions for technical support and advocacy, including Princeton University’s Global Health Program, Baylor College of Medicine, and most recently, Partners in Health.

Through these partnerships, we strive to construct a complete health system that integrates a full range of services—from home-based support for our patients to advanced surgical care—in a setting in which even the most basic public health infrastructure is lacking.