Sustaining Care

In order to improve our patients’ health and quality of life in the long term, we believe that it is as necessary to address social and economic factors as it is to provide medical care at our clinic. Poverty, instability, and chronic hunger lead to poor health and reduced adherence to medications as well as incredible stress, anxiety and suffering for Sierra Leone's rural poor. Lack of education about the health care that is necessary and available undermines people’s ability to access it even when it is offered free of charge. The programs detailed below attest to Wellbody’s vision of building an effective and sustainable healthcare system in Kono.

Livestock Project: Amputee resettlement camps are some of the poorest communities in Kono District, and many of their residents struggle to find stable means of livelihood. Wellbody has worked with several of these communities to build shelters that can hold large herds of goats, and stocked them with breeding animals. Amputees who care for the goats receives a salary sufficient to feed their families and to save some money as well. The Wellbody CHWs who monitor the health of amputees and accompany them to the clinic also distribute salaries and monitor the goats. When the herds are large enough, Wellbody staff members will sell two animals a month, earning enough income to pay for the villagers' daily salaries and expand the project into more communities.

Palm-to-Palm: Also known as P2P, this is an income-generating project closely affiliated with Wellbody which is developing a processing plant for palm oil. In this cooperative venture with local palm farmers, P2P will manage the first industrial palm kernel processing plant in Kono District and market the product, with profits going to both the farmers and Wellbody's clinical services in the community.

PEPTOK: An educational program which operates in secondary schools near the Wellbody clinic. PEPTOK trains secondary-school students as peer educators who give lectures and radio shows on topics like contraception and prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS. This project aims raise awareness of issues of sexual health and family planning in order to combat high rates of teenage pregnancy in Kono District.