Wellbody Alliance helps Kono Reach 200th Day Ebola-Free

September 11 2015

On September 11th, Kono District, Sierra Leone celebrated its 200th day since its last confirmed case of the Ebola Virus Disease.

Through our proactive and integrated response, Wellbody Alliance helped the district quickly halt the spread of the devastating virus after a surge in case counts in December 2014 and January 2015.

In conjunction with fellow global healthcare nonprofit Partners In Health, Wellbody Alliance opened four Community Care Centers in rural Kono, providing compassionate, quality care to the most decentralized community members.

Expanding our reach, we also scaled our corps of community health workers from 120 to over 400 and have engaged over 600,000 community members to-date, making house-to-house visits to screen for Ebola, educate on the myths and realities of the disease, and update family members on the status of loved ones who had already entered the Ebola care system.

This compassionate, community-based care catalyzed district-wide support for our response efforts, further helping to stop the spread of the virus.

Fully committed to providing Kono with continued primary care even amidst this unprecedented health crisis, the Wellbody Clinic was the only clinic in the district to remain open throughout the entire outbreak. Our brave staff worked every day to provide essential healthcare services, and we were able to remain open without a single worker infection.

As we celebrate this 200-day milestone, we both thank our supporters for empowering us to help stop the spread of this disease, and insist upon the fact that the battle is not over: Ebola has further devastated this region where health indicators were already among the worst in the world, sparking secondary effects such as drastically decreased immunization rates and a spike in severe acute malnutrition. In the months and years to come, Wellbody Alliance and Partners In Health will continue our fight to address the devastating aftermath of Ebola and to provide quality healthcare to the community that Wellbody has served for the past decade.