Introducing the Rugart Family Center

June 25 2015

After months of a gradual roll out given the challenges of the Ebola outbreak, in April 2015, Wellbody Alliance formally launched the Rugart Family Center, a division of the Wellbody Alliance Maternal Healthcare Complex, which was made possible by the Rugart family in honor of the memory of Dr. Karl Rugart.
Dr. Karl Frederick Rugart, Jr. of Haverford, PA, dedicated his life to medicine, and to mothers and infants in particular. He delivered nearly 7,000 babies during his 50-year career as an OB/GYN, and is remembered as a wholehearted philanthropist and a caring physician to countless mothers and infants.
With the support provided by the Rugart family and their friends in honor of Dr. Rugart, the Center was officially established on April 1st. Since, the Center and the traditional birth attendants, midwives, and nurses who work there, have made a tremendous impact in Kono – there have been over 50 babies born there, all of whom have been healthy.
We are honored that, in the years to come, Dr. Rugart’s legacy as a compassionate and committed caregiver and expert obstetrician will be continuously celebrated in Kono by our staff and the thousands of babies who will be born within the safety and comfort of the Rugart Family Center, and we thank Dr. Rugart and his entire family for giving this tremendous gift to the people of Kono.