Live Blog From Kono

February 5 2015


3:42 PM - RT @WellbodySL: Case count flares up in Freetown with 12 of today's 14 new cases



1:18 PM - RT @anita_makri#Ebola insights from anthropology & local learning - my blog @SciDevNet, after @RoySocMed's event @@IDS_UK



2:28 PM - The @WellbodySL medical center from UN helicopter to Kono



2:21 pm - Hoping these sat/sun #Freetown #Ebola shutdowns end soon. Frustrating for me, devastating for those who need to earn their livelihood



6:27 pm - W/ the high no of surgeons infected with #Ebola in Ftown many reluctant to operate. Challenging to arrange referrals


4:21 pm - Rolling through Freetown for repairs from the last referrals. Now to Connaught to check up on surgery cases from Kono



2:26 pm - 201 skids of supplies from @DirectRelief unloaded this morn to protect clinics and healthworkers in Kono and beyond! 


8:35 am - Excited to begin clearing supplies from @DirectRelief's 747 to equip 7 health facilities for safe general services in Kono


8:29 am - Concerning rise in confirmed #Ebola cases yesterday: 13 nationwide, 8 in Port Loko



2:21 pm - 747 filled with medical supplies jets to Liberia and Sierra Leone as #Ebola response pivots to long-term recovery.


2:15 pm - Fortunately, many fewer "ambulanaces" bombing through the streets this time around


10:55 am - Updates from West Africa: read reflections from those who responded to the call to fight Ebola 


10:32 am - RT @AmeriCares: "AmeriCares partnership has been great; their products essential for us in #SierraLeone -Dr. Dibba @WellbodySL


10:10 am - Nice new paint job on the Freetown office!


9:51 am - Freetown morning


7:42 am - RT @GHhub: $1.09B Of $2.89B Pledged Ebola Funding Made It To Africa By End-2014, Study Shows @KaiserFamFound



10:27 pm - Dark and quiet in the bay en route to Freetown from the airport

9:04 am - RT @WellbodySL: In the first week of the Ebola CHW program in Nimiyama chiefdom, Wellbody CHWs reached 63 villages and screened and engaged 4,517 people


9:01 am - RT @astroehlein: You don't reject the death penalty because the criminals are decent people. You reject the death penalty because you are decent people


9:01 am - RT @DirectRelief: First of 80+ medical modules loaded into a 747 bound for @WellbodySL in Sierra Leone & @lastmilehealth in Liberia 


7:58 am - Less aid workers, more West Africans on the flight from Brussels. A first sign of SL's gradual return to normalcy?



3:46 pm - Freetown sure ain't going to look like this

11:54 pm - Getting this ready to tweet my way through this latest #EbolaResponse trip to Sierra Leone